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Camilla Wicks



Camilla Wicks studied at The Juilliard School with Louis Persinger and made her debut at New York's Town Hall. Her performing career includes solo appearances with all leading European symphony orchestras, command performances before royalty, Community Concerts recital tours and solo appearances with major symphonies of the United States including the New York Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra and Chicago Symphony Orchestra. She collaborated with or played first performances of works by composers Bloch, Brustad, Rosenberg, Egge and others. A distinguished teacher, her previous faculty appointments include positions at the University of Michigan, Shepherd School of Music at Rice University and the Royal Academy of Music in Oslo, Norway. She has recorded for Capitol, Philips and HMV. Her recording of Walton's Violin Concerto on SIMAX was issued internationally last year as the first of a series of live recordings of her earlier performances from Norwegian Radio Archives. She has been appointed Knight of the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit.

又一個 Sibelius : Concerto for Violin in D minor, Op. 47 的絕妙錄音版本! : )

Camilla Wicks, violin
Stockholm Radio Symphony Orchestra
Sixten Ehrling

............ For the 85th birthday of Sibelius, she was soloist in his violin concerto throughout Finland and was congratulated by the composer. Sibelius personally praised her for what he thought was one of the best performances of the work, which is one of the most sought-after and expensive violin LPs. I don't think Oistrakh matched it. Hers has something of the intensity of Heifetz but also more mystery............


..............Heifeiz 在唱片上的两次西贝柳斯,早被公认为不可逾越的经典;虽然第二次在挥洒自如上不及第一次,音色以及演绎上的秀气也稍逊。但即使是第二次也只有卡密拉·威克斯(Camilla Wicks)的录音可与之相比..........

..........Ida Haendel and Camilla Wicks (recorded for EMI with Sixten Ehrling) are the two women who have made colossal statements with the Sibelius Concerto, though canny collectors would add the elusive Guila Bustabo to this short list. Camilla Wicks' Sibelius Violin Concerto was hailed by the composer as the best ever!

Camilla Wicks, violin
Stockholm Radio Symphony Orchestra
Sixten Ehrling
Capitol (美版) P-8327

Capitol (英版) CTL-7026

From : "黑膠主題公園" ( discussion forums)

chrisun 寫到:
想知道貴店有沒有Wicks的Sibelius Violin Concerto? 好像是日本EMI出的........

Recollections 回覆:
Camilla Wicks Sibelius Violin Capital USA mono issues. Surely it is re-issue in CD by Japan EMI-Toshiba. A quite rare LP which should cost your around US$150 for a near mint copy. I have one for my own collection at home. Sorry that it may not be easily found under US$100.
I am only a part-time shopkeeper selling classical LP which I had owned before and found that the music, the performance or the recording can be introduced to all vinyl lovers. Not a profit making business but I enjoy it much for the past ten years.

黑膠發燒友發燒不發燒乎? : )

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